„Making as a Critical Practice“

We started the new year for our first-semester students with an intensive workshop week, led by the London based architects Rosa Rogina and Armor Gutiérrez Rivas.

In preparation for the workshop students printed three-dimensional prototypes of their parametrically designed wall panels for the interior of the Babenbergerhalle in Klosterneuburg.

The aim was to explore innovative making techniques and finishes by casting models with reclaimed and sustainable materials. After the production of silicone moulds, the students tested different finishes – reclaimed materials, bound with epoxy resin, pigmented Jesmonite (a bio resin, and material of the year 2017) and fibre-reinforced paraffin. The workshop finished with photographing and presenting the models in a small exhibition.

Many thanks to Rosa and Armor for this great week – your inspiring material-lectures and your great insights and tips into the fascinating world of modelmaking.



Fotocredits Impressions:  © Armor Gutiérrez Rivas & Rosa Rogina
Fotocredits Results:
© NDU Students, MAIK Semester 1